André Ruschkowski

Composers Edition



Volume IX .... DVD Video (Pal or NTSC)

Perfect Nowhere
Realisations at:
- Salzburg
- Chicago
- Berlin
- Los Angeles
- Vienna
- London
- Munich


Volume VIII .... DVD Video (Pal or NTSC)

Salzburgtrum - The Audiovisual Experience

for 5.1 surround sound tape and audio-controlled video



Volume VII ..... DVD Video (Pal or NTSC)

Music & Visuals 2004/05

Xenon Loops for tape and video /
Shadow of a Hare
for guitar, interactive computer control and video /
Ondit I-III for tape and video /
Shadow of a Dog
for string trio, interactive computer control and video /
Twigs & Grains for tape and video /
BYG-MUC-BYG-INC for tape and video



Volume VI ....... DVD Video (Pal or NTSC)

Music & Visuals 1999-2003

Arion / Boreas / Dione / Cento
for tape and video /
Doxa for tape and video /
Vom Blau umschauert ...
for tape and video



Composers Edition Vol.V

Volume V .................................. Audio-CD

Compositions 1998/99

Changing Channels: MA:
, Arion, Dione and
for tape /
for percussion and tape /
for tape



Volume IV ................................ Audio-CD

Electronic Tape Compositions 2


Nasoma /
Weißer Schlaf

(tape version) /
Les pas intérieurs



Composers Edition Vol.III

Volume III ................................ Audio-CD

Compositions for Instruments 1996/97

In blauem Kristall for flute, clarinet, violin, cello
and piano / Weißer Schlaf for soprano and tape /
Dunkle Stunde for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano
and tape / Unter steinernen Bogen for soprano,
flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and tape /
for percussion and tape / Karabontara for
piano and tape / Sonama for violin, flute and
percussion / Araku for percussion and tape



Composers Edition Vol.II

Volume II .................................. Audio-CD


An Imaginary Sightseeing Tour:
Ein imaginärer Stadtrundgang:

Version for stereo tape (1995/98)

Mirabellgarage / Getreidegasse / Im Dom /
Gasthof Sonnleitn / Festspielhaus /
Felsenreitschule  / Schrannenmarkt /
Mozarteum / Schloß Hellbrunn /
Aperschnalzer / Franziskanerkirche /
"Stille Nacht"



Composers Edition Vol.I

Volume I ................................ Audio-CD

Electronic Tape Compositions 1


Svelt / Sub Rosa / Autologous /
Rimbaud ist der Dichter I
/ Nasca





All CDs & DVDs of the Composers Edition are finally out of print.
But most of them are available for free on Soundcloud now:

Vol. I-III

Vol. IV-V




Additional CDs & DVDs with Compositions by André Ruschkowski
Weitere CDs & DVDs mit Kompositionen von André Ruschkowski

T-Minus 2006

"Twigs & Grains" at DVD:

T-Minus (2006)
New York City based Experimental Media Project:
"T-Minus seeks to bring together exceptional realizations that explore the union of digital media and time."
Showcasing selected works at different host festivals allover the country.

Premiere: October 19th, 2006, Monkeytown, Brooklyn, NY


"Dione" at CD:

MetaSynthia 3.2 (2003)
The project by the American composer Glen Bledsoe around the fabulous MetaSynth software by Eric Wenger.

Sonic Circuits IV-CD

"Les pas intérieurs" at CD:

Sonic Circuits VI
Selections from the Sonic Circuits VI International Festival of Electronic Music,
American Composers Forum 1998,
Label: innova 115

Available at Discogs


"Nasoma" at CD:

Ausbruch / Aufbruch
Deutsche Gesellschaft für elektroakustische Musik (DEGEM), 1998
http: //
Label: cybele 960.204

Available at Discogs


La Muse en Circuit-CD

"Les pas intérieurs" at CD:

Poesie sonore - 3ème concours de création radiophonique (1997)
SACEM / La Muse en Circuit, Paris

Available at Discogs

Tonart Fuenf-CD

"Vier kurze Studien" at CD:

Tonart Fünf (1995)
Label: OffScale (Berlin), OS 005

Available at Discogs

Tonart Vier-CD

Project "Tonart Vier" and "AR" at CD:

Tonart Vier (1994)
Label: OffScale (Berlin), OS 004

Available at Discogs




Adk-CD   "Rimbaud ist der Dichter I" at CD:  

Elektroakustische Musik aus dem Studio der Akademie der Künste zu Berlin (1992)
Label: Buschfunk BF 002292

Available at Discogs



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