André Ruschkowski

Program notes

Composers Edition Vol. II



World-wide communication and mobility causes more and more the disappearing of regional borders. At the other side a special sense for the specific quality of the regional life grows. This quality includes its own soundscape, often recognised only by subconsciousness. The soundscape is quiet different for every person. It depends from his individual activities but — because of the strong interactions between people — is also part of their community.
SALZBURGTRUM (“Trumm”: Austrian word for “big part” or “rubble”) deals with different layers of individual human perception of acoustical surroundings and their interactions in the town of Salzburg by characteristic signs of sound.
The musical material of SALZBURGTRUM consists of two different layers. The dominating elements are recordings of original sounds from selected areas at Salzburg. This includes the recognisable describing of famous and also unknown places at Salzburg. The layer of original sounds is completed and contrasted by three musical instruments: violin, flute and percussion.
The arrangement and modification of the original sounds and the instrumental elements follows a dramatic idea and is divided into 12 parts, corresponding with 12 individual light moods.
The modification of the original sounds was done with electronic means especially in the digital domain. These processes includes manipulations of the frequency and time axis of sounds (stretching) to make former unhearable parts inside these sounds hearable from new perspectives.
The result is a growing interaction between separate sounds, the development of different sound layers with new possibilities for recognising the original sounds and their modified findings.
The soloists with their flexible individuality are an important part of this process. Their interaction with the original sounds is moving from opposition to subordination and back again, influenced by the other sound categories used in this piece (instrumental sound - electronic modified, original sound - electronic modified, original sound - not modified).


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